Stoica Cosmin
Creativity at its best! MURAL PAINTINGS


Cosmin's Fine Arts’ story began in August 2014 when an ambitious and determined, Cosmin Stoica found out that Art is what he wanted to devote his life to.

Having met artists from all over the world he decided to create and grow a dedicated professional team that could respond to any artistic challenge. The current team consists of 7 professional artists plus Cosmin Stoica designer and CEO of Cosmin's Fine Arts. Cosmin's Fine Arts owns integrally the copyrights of all its artists work undertake for CFA.

Art is something divine and irreplaceable. Only a few things in this world allow us to do everything that we can imagine is one and we as artists are proud to be able to bring dreams to a reality. Money is a necessity and while we need it, Cosmin's Fine Arts has a bigger ambition than that... to make HISTORY! We are passengers in life and our time is limited but great things like art never die and we have the right to choose this immortal gift.

Cosmin Stoica is a young and dynamic 23 year old CEO whose dreams,like his artwork is larger than life. Over the next 5 years he hopes to open 15 art galleries all over Europe and exhibit major mural paintings in 20 capital cities. These statement murals will represent the soul of Cosmin's Fine Arts. We will continue to produce unique paintings on canvas and murals for our increasing numbers of private clients across Europe. Since August 2014 Cosmin's Fine Arts has designed and created around 200 murals in London across the UK. The team at CFA have between them produced 5000 pieces of professional art work across the globe and have vast experience in many different styles and techniques.

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